Reeves Law Firm - Roy Reeves Attorney sucks!!!


Attorney is only concerned about how quick he can make a buck!Does to care about helping you with your case!

Take the money and run and leave you with a *** deal!!! He is unstable and lies to everyone. He shouldn't even be allowed to practice. Do yourself a favor and don't even consider him to help you with your legal matters.

I feel sorry for the people that get stuck with his publics defender work. He prided me the world and didn't do a thing for me.

I had to remind him about everything over and over.He doesn't even try to fight for you all he wants is for you to take the deal

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Plano, Texas, United States #1209815

Public defender's don't get paid by the defendant and Reeves Law Firm does not handle criminal matters. This is yet another example of someone who posts "anonymously" without restriction on a matter that they have no business stating. Whatever the OP's frustration, it is obviously misplaced because, as stated up front, Roy Reeves is not nor has he ever been employed by the Public Defender's Office for any County and even if he had been, the OP would not have paid $1500 for said services which are funded through the Court.

to Anonymous #1357936

I apologize for making a couple of inaccurate statements.When I referenced public defender work, I was meaning to say; Court Appointed attorney work.

As for Reeves law firm not doing criminal law work. He must have finally realized, he had no business representing people in criminal cases. I can show numerous criminal cases in which he was representing defendants.

Oh wait, that's probably all the court appointed attorney work.Once again, loves to lie and bs everyone.

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